Waaaaaaay too many Tonkinese cat photos, page 2
Because they're always so damn cute

Natural Point baby relaxes.
Champagne Point baby and Pyewacket mother.
The kittens are completely trusting of people, and right at home in your lap or even just held in your hands.
Champagne Mink and Champagne Point babies decide it's naptime.
Champagne Mink loves to do the jump trick.
Natural Point baby chews a mouse toy, while Champagne Point kitten contemplates a surprise attack (notice the slightly puffed tail!).
Champagne or Natural Mink kitten. Pyewacket Mother cat looked almost exactly like this when she was a kitten. Because Tonks are born pure white or nearly so, darkening gradually into the adult colors, it can sometimes be tricky to know exactly which color and coat pattern a kitten will really have when it's grown. Champagne and Natural are the two hardest Colors to tell apart when they're young; I don't think anyone can tell for certain if a Platinum kitten will have a Mink or Point Coat Pattern until full grown.
Blue Mink girl finds the milk ring wubby quite interesting.
From 2002; Rindie (Natural Solid girl and Blue Mink girl. Rindie was the runt, but she was one of the most spirited kittens. She never lets anything get her down, not even another kitten standing on her head.

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