Waaaaaaay too many Tonkinese cat photos, page 3
Because the right LOLcat photo can cause a diabetic attack

Three in a row. From left to right, Natural Mink, Natural Point, Blue Mink. Note that the two Naturals are the same color (look carefully at the nose pad to tell) but have different coat patterns (Mink vs. Point) Without going into a complicated discussion of Tonkinese genetics, it is possible for pure-bred Tonks to have one of three different coat patterns: Mink (which is the standard pattern for Tonkinese show cats), Point, and Solid. Rindie in one of the other pictures is a Natural Solid, for comparison. Two Mink Tonks bred to each other will produce 1/2 Minks, 1/4 Points, and 1/4 Solids. A Solid Tonk bred to a Point Tonk will result in 100% Minks. Our breeding parents are all Minks, and we do get the overall expected ratio, though it can vary quite a bit within a given litter.
Another perspective of three in a row. It's just too cute how they lined themselves up like that. No posing was done for this shot; around here, it's usually a case of spontaneous cuteness will occur, and then there's a mad search for the camera to try to catch it in time.

The following is an example of Tonkinese monkeylike manipulation as demonstrated by a Champagne Point kitten:

First, the new toy is introduced...
...and carefully contemplated...
...the ball was checked for fuzziness, and the spring was checked for sproing...
...and after thorough taste-testing, the toy was approved. Many hours of vigorous playing later revealed the toy also doubles as an excellent nap cuddle buddy.
Ninja kitten atomic furball attack! The mouse is doomed.
Blue Mink girl pursues the tail of a Natural/Champagne Mink baby.
The same pair now quarrel over a milk ring wubby. Blue Mink argues possession is 9/10 or better. Champagne/Natural Mink begs to differ.
In an interesting reversal, Champagne/Natural proceeds to attack Blue’s tail. Blue doesn’t seem to mind, as she has achieved supreme power over the milk ring.
Sleepy Natural Point baby finds a chewed up slipper quite comfy.
Something’s got everyone’s attention!
Blue Mink girl. All the kittens are born with deep blue eyes which generally start turning to aqua at about 6 weeks or so. (They are also all born nearly pure white, and the colors develop and darken, sometimes considerably, as they grow.)
Mom (Tucket) and Dad (Woz). Tucket is a Natural Mink, Woz is a Blue Mink. Both carry the recessive color AND coat pattern genes, so we have wound up with kittens of every one of the four main Tonkinese colors (Natural, Champagne, Blue and Platinum) AND the three Tonkinese coat patterns (Mink, Point and Solid). We like it that way.

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