Where are you located? We are in Nashville, TN.
Can I have a kitten right now? Sorry, probably not. The demand for our kittens is quite high, usually higher than our ability to supply, so we have a waiting list that we refer to with each new litter. You are welcome to ask to be added to the wait list, and that will improve your chances of getting a kitten more quickly. As of early 2009, you will probably have to wait through at least 1 litter before your "turn" comes. Timewise that is APPROXIMATELY anywhere from six months to one year, depending entirely on how often we breed, which in turn depends on what is best for the mother cats.
When are you going to have more kittens? We breed quite sporadically, so as of today the best guess is around six months before we breed again. Remember, this is not a business for us, this is just for fun. We sell kittens when we have them, and we don't work on anyone's schedule but the whims of the breeding adults.
How much do your kittens cost? Please contact us for current pricing. The number has steadily risen over the years and will only go up in the future. It is true that we have placed a couple of cats for free, but that is very much the exception and is extremely rare, so please do not bother asking for free cats.
Can I come pick my kitten up? If you happen to be within driving distance of us you are more than welcome to come pick up your kitten(s). Our kittens have taken 8 hour car trips, should you live as close as say Chicago and wish to pop down here to pick them up. Anything over 12 hours and we would suggest you consider having the kitten shipped via commercial airlines.
Do you ship kittens? How? We have shipped kittens via same-day commercial airline service. The greatest distance so far was an 8 hour flight to Seattle; the kitten was only put out for 10 hours including ground transit. While commercial airline shipping is not cheap (~$200 as of 2009) it sure is effective. Any kitten that flies will need to have a vet-issued health certificate, which costs about $60 per kitten at our vet of choice. The kitten will also require an FAA-certified carrier, which go for about $40. PLEASE NOTE we will not ship any other way, so don't even think of asking us to bag up a kitten and ship it to you via FedEx or Greyhound.
Do you ship kittens to Alaska/Hawaii/Russia/Bangladesh/Ukraine? Nothing farther than Seattle has ever come up! Many countries have extremely long animal quarrantine periods, ranging from 30 days to SIX MONTHS, and we will not allow our kittens to suffer through that, period. On the other hand some countries simply require a health certification from the country of origin, or have very short waiting periods like 48 hours. If we can be convinced that it is not an excessive hardship on the kitten then we would probably allow it, but from what little we know we think it is unlikely our kittens will leave the continental US.
Do you spay or neuter the kittens before selling them? No. We are quite passionate about our belief that it is a really bad idea to "fix" a kitten that is only 10-12 weeks old. You will find vets who are willing to do the work at that age, but you will also find vets that flatly refuse to do it. We strongly urge new owners of our kittens to get them fixed sometime after the kttens reach 6 months old. We believe the longer you can wait, the better the development of the kitten. We personally have waited as long as 1.5 years to fix a female that we kept.
Can you refer me to another breeder? We have never met any other breeder right now who raises kittens like we do, "underfoot and in lap" with no cages. While we are aware of some other breeders, we will not make any specific recommendations at this time.

Here is the 6-Generation CFA Certified Pedigree of our Stud (daddy cat), Woz.
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Here is the CCR registration of our Stud (daddy cat), Woz.
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Here is the CCR registration of our Queen (mommy cat), Tucket.
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Here is the CCR registration for our cattery name, "Lonrau".
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