Photos of our wayward babies

On this page we post photos and stories sent in to us from people who have purchased kittens from us in the past. If you are reading this and we sold you a kitten once upon a time, send some pictures of the little bugger and we'll post them here!

This is Sophia, a Platinum Mink girl and one of Ariel's kittens from 2008. She lives with Tina and Frank in Nashville. Not only were we terribly fond of her when she was with us (Deborah is a sucker for the girls) but we REALLY appreciate Frank's photography which is very much like Don's (Don's note to n00bz: you will only get this look with a nice digital SLR, using ambient light and a fast ISO), so it is little wonder we would post more than one.

In the bottom picture we see Tina carrying Sophia around like the royalty that she is.

This is Razi (top) and Saadya (bottom), two of Ariel's kittens from 2008. They are both male Blue Minks that live with Maggie and Andy in Nashville.

Andy is partially seen here acting as a surveying platform for Razi, while Saadya practices how to avoid being surveyed. ;)
Here we have one of Tucket's babies from 2007, a Blue girl (right). She is seen here a few days after being introduced to the existing ruler of the roost, Minke (pronounced MINK-E, like Peter Sellers' Clouseau).
This is Sandman, from Ariel's first litter back in early 2007. Sandy lives in Indianapolis, IN with another cat and a dog, both of whom I would guess have discovered that Tonks rule with an iron fist! ;)

Here we see Sandy dragging along one of his all-time favorite toys; a cheap plastic bracelet zip-tied to a badge lanyard. His owner Darrin says that he will throw it and Sandy will fetch it repeatedly, something we've seen for years in Sandy's father Woz (check out the Tonkinese info page to see him retrieving a spare rib bone!)

This is Teddy and Sabrina. They live in Texas with Deborah's sister Karen, who was lucky enough to come away with two of our kittens (yes, she had to sit on the waiting list like the rest of you!).

You may notice that the cat on the right bears a STRONG resemblance to our cat Tucket. When Deborah saw this photo she began wailing "why didn't we keep her?!?" to which I replied "um, you love your sister?" and she grunts "oh, yeah". Consider yourself lucky we don't live closer to you, Karen! Deborah might take it into her head to reposess one of your cats! ;)

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